Friday, June 28, 2013

summer now, for real

summer for real summer for real summer for real summer for real summer for real

It's starting to feel like summer now for real. It's heating up and I haven't dreamed about school in awhile (a good thing--I'm starting to relax).  Today I went out to lunch and shopping with my mom and my older kids.  Fun! 

Outfit details:
dress and belt:  Garnet Hill
wedges:  Clarkk's
bracelet:  Young Frankk, via Etsy
necklace:  Anthro

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a few palm springs looks

ace hotel ace hotel ace hotel palm springs trip palm springs trip ace hotel ace holtel

Here are some of the looks I wore in Palm Springs last week. It was such a fun trip, you guys. I think we had perfect summer Palm Springs weather. The days were about 100 degrees and at night it dropped down into the 80's. Last year it was much hotter, more in the 105s, which makes a big difference.

I have found that Palm Springs calls for a very casual vibe and flat sandals and flip flops.  I wanted to get a pedicure before I left--I highly recommend it--but alas the timing did not work out.  Also recommended--bring a jean jacket for ice cold movie theaters and restaurants.

Look 1:  this black Gap dress is proving to be a summer staple.  I have it in grey too, but I find I'm wearing the black much more.  Sandals:  Gap; Bag: J. Crew; Belt: Anthro

Look 2:  dress and sandals:  Gap; bag:  J. Crew; necklace:  Garnet Hill

Look 2:  maxi skirt:  J. Crew; tank:  Target; cuff:  Etsy (Young Frankk); flip flops:  Rainbow, via J. Crew (on major sale last year).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


summer i love you summer i love you summer i love you summer i love you

Summer has proven to be hectic so far! Honestly, I've had to take a deep breath and appreciate it for what it is.  Summer is a time when we rush around, make appointments, cart kids to lessons, entertain guests, and etc.  But it is so very much more free and different than the work and school routine during the other 10 months of the year, so appreciate it I will.  And I'm thankful.

I think this outfit conveys a summery sense of fun.  The heels are maybe not what I want to wear every day of summer, but I love a heal with shorts once in awhile.  I wore this outfit to take the boys to swim lessons, take Faith to her dental appointment, run to Target, and visit my parents.  What are you up to this summery day?

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday.  Click through for more style inspiration.

Outfit details:
shorts:  LL Bean Signature
top:  thrifted Lucky Brand (via Faith)
watch:  Timex, many years ago
necklace:  you can't see it here, but it's a birthday gift from Ken
wedges:  Dr. Scholls

Sunday, June 23, 2013

on my birthday

on my  birthday on my  birthday on my  birthday

Today is my birthday! Ken and the boys took me out to breakfast this morning, and this is what I wore. We went on vacation last week and hopefully I'll post some of my outfits from Palm Springs pretty soon (Ken was nice enough to snap from outfit photos on the iPhone).

So, I'm 48 today. I'm trying not to focus on my actual age so much as just make plans for health and vitality in the year to come. I'm definitely planning a "health week" this week to recover from vacation eating and set the right tone for summer.

Outfit details:
dress:  Gap
belt:  Garnet Hill
sweater: Gap
flats:  Clark's
bag:  J. Crew
necklace:  Laura Lombardi (via Pretty Mommy)
bracelet:  Mercedes Salazar (via Shop Bop)

Monday, June 17, 2013

a happy outfit for summer

start of summer start of summer start of summer start of summer start of summer start of summer

It felt like the first "official" day of summer vacation today (Saturday and Sunday don't really count, do they)?  I have to say, I felt good about it.  I met a freind for yoga class this morning, ran out to meet Ken at the boys' first swim lesson of the summer, took the boys out to Jolly Kone for lunch, and took them swimming for fun later in the afternoon.  Dinner was leftovers at the outdoor table.  So relaxed and summery!

This outfit just feels happy, doesn't it?  I wore this after and between the yoga and swimming.  Happy summer to you all!

Outfit details:
top:  Lucky Brand
shorts:  J. Crew
bracelet:  from the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum
clogs:  Funkis

PS--I am linking up with Visible Monday #101.  Click here for more style inspiration.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

green dress

green green green green green

I wanted to wear something bright and pretty for father's day. This morning we gave Ken his gifts and made him breakfast with homemade blueberry muffins.  Awesome dad that he is, he is now taking the boys to a birthday party, even though the invitation came through at the last minute and even though it is father's day.  That is just the way he is.  Of course I'll make him the dinner of his choice tonight.

This dress is one of those "seven way" dresses*.  I usually wear it like this or with the ties just wrapped several times around my waist.  I do enjoy the bright color!  I have it in black, too.  It's a few years old.

Outfit details:
dress:  Soma
necklace:  Anthro
sandals:  Gap

*I wish I wore it as well as the model in that link!  Geez!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

summer is here!

first saturday of summer! first saturday of summer! first saturday of summer! first saturday of summer! first saturday of summer!

Yay! Summer is finally here. It takes awhile for it to sink in, but it's here! Today we ran around and started getting ready for Father's Day. The boys and I went to the Verizon store and bought Ken his first ever cell phone (so exciting)!

I'm loving these fun, printed pants. They feel so much fresher than jeans. I wonder if they are a fad that will quickly seem dated, or if I'll be wearing them just as enthusiastically two years from now. I doubt it, but who knows.

Outfit details:
pants and sweater: Gap
cream top: Anthro
clogs: LL Bean Signature
necklace: Etsy

Sunday, June 9, 2013

what to wear to a gem and mineral party

rock and mineral party rock and mineral party rock and mineral party rock and mineral party rock and mineral party

We hosted a "gem and mineral" party today at our house. We like to do these themed, family-oriented parties as an alternative to children's birthday parties. Family parties are so much more relaxed than a birthday. Having no presents is a huge plus.

One of the activities was making necklaces by wrapping copper wire around tumbled rocks and bending the wire in decorative ways.  The kids loved it and made so many necklaces!  I'm wearing one in the photo.  I don't know how to do any jewelry making, but our good friend brought the wires and all the tools and spent the whole party making necklaces with the kids.  Pretty cool, huh?  Other activities were panning for gold and sifting for tourmaline.

This might be an outfit that is a bit too young for me, but hopefully in the context of a backyard summer party I can pull it off.  The sweater is on older Garnet Hill sweater that I cut and adapted to make it a wrap.  The seems don't line up and it doesn't entirely work, but I like it much better this way (it used to be a large cowl).

I'm linking up with Visible Monday today.  Click over for much more style inspiration!

Outfit details:
dress:  Old Navy
sweater:  Garnet Hill (modified)
sandals:  Gap
necklace:  homemade
bracelet:  Young Frankk

Saturday, June 8, 2013

a top for a friday

a top for friday a top for friday a top for friday a top for friday

a top for friday a top for friday

Happy weekend! You guys, it is almost summer break! In my district we have one more week to go. This is such an exciting time of year. I love the anticipation of summer break and reflecting on the school year.  I want to make this the best summer ever.

This was my work outfit on Friday. This is another thrifted top from a year or two ago. This one is really nice quality and the label says it is 100% silk. I adore this type of striped garment--with the stripes sewn at interesting angles. This is exactly my taste. I love the color too. As with some of my other outfits this week, I'm wearing it one last time before the school year is up.   When we return in fall it will be way to hot for this outfit for awhile.

Outfit details:
top:  thrifted Nine West (they usually do shoes, right?)
pants:  J. Brand, via Anthro
platforms:  LL Bean Signature
necklace:  Forever Silver

Thursday, June 6, 2013

tried and true

tried and true tried and true tried and true tried and true tried and true

This dress is definitely an oldie but a goodie. Perhaps my favorite, longest wearing dress of all time. You can see me wearing in here in 2007! That is some longevity!

This dress cost a bit more--especially at the time--but I've worn it so many times over the years that the cost per wearing is actually very low.  And although it is showing a bit of wear now, it is still going strong.  Do you ever splurge on nicer pieces but wear them many times over the years?  That is how I want to shop more of the time.

Speaking of splurges, I'd love to go crazy and buy this dress. (It's way more than I would ever spend on a dress, but isn't it fun?)

Outfit details:
dress:  Ann Taylor
shoes:  Clark's
bracelet:  Etsy
necklace:  thrifted

PS--linking up with Passion for Fashion tomorrow!