Saturday, April 27, 2013

camo and black

camo and black 1 camo and black 2 camo and black 3 camo and black 4 camo and black 5

Ok! Back with my first "outfit" post. I'll just make a disclaimer right now--sorry for the bad photos and background! Hopefully I'll improve on that over time and haul those garden hoses out of the frame too. I'm experimenting with using my self-timer on the camera. The boys were helping out and kind of got a kick out of it. In the past I've asked Ken to do outfit photos of me and he seems to excel at catching my ugliest expressions and faces! (I do admit to being super un-photogenic, but I think my results are better with the self-timer!)

Deets on this outfit:  it's Saturday morning.  I have dreams of being the type of person who just grabs some things out of the closet and throws them on and looks fabulous with no effort.  I kind of felt like I was doing that this morning!  I was literally grabbing things and not thinking hard about it.  And I'm happy with the outfit.  It's questionable if I can or should be pulling off camo jeans at my age, but I like them.  I actually tried to resist buying these-- tried them on once and put them back, then was drawn back to the store a couple weeks later and was shocked that they still had my size.  I've worn them quite a few times now--they are so fun.

Also--about shoes.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how to look good in flatter, more casual shoes.  I love a comfy wedge/platform, but on the other hand I sometimes wonder if it looks too dressy (or "effortful") for my weekend/mom lifestyle.  I put these moccasins on this morning, and was surprised at how cute they go with the look.  Later I'll put on black high sandals for going downtown, but I love the look with moccasins for home and park and playground with the boys or for running errands.

Black top and camo jeans:  Gap
Moccasins:  Minnetonka
Bracelet:  souvenir Faith picked up in Maine 2 years ago
Necklace:  purchased cheaply online, can't remember the retailer.   black and camo part II black and camo part II

Edited to add: I thought I'd show part 2 of the look. For evening I layered on a long cardigan and the platform sandals. We went out for a family pizza night and it was fun and I felt pretty cute in this.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Welcome!  Im happy to have a new blog in the works. Hope to start blogging soon about style for us over 40s. I have so much curiosity  about what looks good at my age.