Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a mid-summer check-in

summer outfit summer outfit summer outfit flip flop alternative flip flop alternative

Hello. Faith suggested I blog today's outfit, so I thought, why not do a mid-summer check-in?

I didn't know that I was going to take the summer off from blogging, but that seems to be what has happened.  I've been wearing summery clothes--lots of maxis, jean shorts and dresses, mostly.  This outfit is kind of a departure with the skirt.  I find skirts hard to style for the most part, but when I slipped this top on with my bright orange skirt I really liked the combination of pattern and color.

I do have a thought to share with you.  These Gap sandals have turned out to be a great flip-flop alternative.  I love flip-flops and have a bunch of them, but they do make an outfit pretty casual, don't you think?  I've found these sandals to be just as easy and comfy as flip-flops but so much dressier feeling.  The outfit feels more pulled together.

Outfit details:
skirt:  J. Crew (last year)
top:  Lucky Brand
sandals:  Gap
bracelet:  souvenir from Maine, 3 years ago

Just disregard that hair tie around my wrist.  A bad summer habit I've picked up!