Tuesday, September 24, 2013

weekend style

weekend style 5 weekend style 2 weekend style 4 weekend style 3 weekend style 1

 Here is my "weekend style" from last Sunday.  To me, weekend style is helped immensely by the opportunity to layer.  Any style is, come to think of it.  We had a blast of fall weather over the weekend, and it was fun to wear a jacket to Sunday morning breakfast.

Outfit details:
jacket:  Gap
top:  J. Crew
jeans:  J. Crew
flats:  Frye
bracelet:  Mercedes Salazar
watch:  Michael Kors
necklace:  vintage, gift from Carrie
bag:  J. Crew

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a work look for a tuesday

work work work work look on a tuesday

Here is what I wore to work today. I think I like these chambray pants from Anthro, but they sure do stretch out a lot--even though I sized down!  Actually, looking at these photos--and doing this blog in general--make me really curious about what is the most flattering work pant?  I hope to answer that question eventually.

Faith and I found this top while thrifting.  We both were dying over it.  She took it first, but she just can't handle any kind of gathers or puffed sleeves, so I ended up with it.  I love the bright embroidery on the front.

It is just cool enough in the mornings to layer on a light cardigan.  My office is warm so I end up peeling off layers daily (sadly), but it is fun to layer even briefly.

Outfit details:
pants:  Anthro
top:  thrifted Lucky brand
cardi:  Target
sandals:  Clark's

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


travel tee travel tee travel tee travel tee

Happy Wednesday! I am linking up for What I Wore Wednesday this week.  I love this skirt so much.  I've written about it before here.  It is SO swirly and fun.  I pair it with a variety of tees.  It looks great with stripes but I love it with this "travel" tee as well (it has cities written all around the edge in a square).  Speaking of travel and cities, my daughter Faith is spending an academic year in Madrid.  I'm planning on visiting her in the spring.  So exciting!

Outfit details:
tee:  J. Crew (it is a linen tee and I love the drape)
skirt:  J. Crew
wedges:  Clark's

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


sleeves 3 cool enough for sleeves! sleeves 2 sleeves 4

It cooled off a bit this week--it was cool enough for sleeves! I was so happy to wear this top for the first time since I bought it several weeks ago. 

I'm still liking these linen pants for a work look.  They don't photograph all that well, but they have cute pocket flaps on the back, and I do think there is something to be said for a work-y pant.  I feel put together and more professional in something like this, as opposed to jeans. 

I'm still very much embracing simple looks at the moment, with just a statement jewelery piece or two.  So easy!

top:  J. Crew
pants:  Talbots
heels:  Clark's
watch:  Michael Kors
necklace:  Laura Lombardi

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

back to work, school, life

back to work back to work back to work back to work

I'm back at work for the school year. It feels normal, ya know? After so many years of following the school calendar, the transition back to school in the fall is not as hard as I sometimes expect it to be.

I love dressing for work.  This outfit is simple and it's just the direction I seem to be headed with my wardrobe right now.  The top is a silk top from J. Crew.  The pants are off-white linen from Talbot's (a couple years ago).  This is perfect for right now because my office is hot hot hot!  I really need to get a fan, but either way sleeveless is the only way to survive.

What's new in my wardrobe:  I'm transitioning (sort of) to a capsule wardrobe concept.  I've been so inspired by Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur.  She explains the advantages of a capsule wardrobe and why it is so freeing.  I was so intrigued by this concept that I took most of my wardrobe out of my closet and bagged it up and stored it elsewhere.  You guys--having fewer clothing items feels amazing.  If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it--even as just an experiment.  And be sure to jump over to Jennifer's site and watch her videos about her capsule wardrobe.  So inspiring!

Wardrobe details:
top:  J. Crew
Pants:  Talbot's
Heels:  Clark's
Watch:  Michael Kors (a birthday gift from Ken!)