Wednesday, August 19, 2015

pants for summer

pants for summer .. .. .. .. ..

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I was shocked to see my previous post had a leather jacket.  It's been a long time since I wore that!  We are in pure summer mode now.  I've been trying to wear more non-shorts outfits for summer this year.  Dresses definitely are best for hot summer, but today the weather was cooler and allowed for a pants outfit.  I'm finding more and more that I prefer simple outfits and a simple palette of white, black, khaki, navy and blush overall.  Hopefully I'm honing in on my true style!  I'd love to post here more as I explore this.  I'm endlessly fascinated by the topic.

Outfit details:
pants:  Emmerson Fry Mick 3 pant
sweatery top:  Athleta
sandals:  Clarks
bracelet:  purchased in Brooklyn at a little "open studio" event with craftspeople and artists--unfortunately I didn't think to pick up her card, but I love this piece.
bag--purchased at the same event in Brooklyn.  The inner loop is stamped "Handmade by Cold Picnic"

I hope your summer is going well!  I'm off to Pasadena tomorrow with my BFF.


  1. Lovely surprise to See you Posting here again! Great outfit combination, Khaki and Whites is Perfect for summer. Hope You are fine and having a Great summer😃

  2. So glad you're posting again! Love the bracelet and the bag.

  3. I'm a neutrals girl too! Love your outfit. Will you be back to school soon? We went back yesterday :(

  4. OH you are back! Great to see you. Hope you are having a great summer. I too, like the looks of more neutrals, but I grew my hair out grey/white over the year and I find that some bright colors like royal blue and hot pink look good now on me with my changed hair color, whereas some of the neutrals wash me out. Grey has been a really good neutral for me though, and also navy. Black is ok but not great and white is definitely a no on me. Bummer. I do like neutrals. So I just try to pair them in when I can. I can definitely do neutral pants. I love the bag and the bracelet. Looks like you made a trip to NY. Welcome back. Molly

  5. So glad to see you back!!! This outfit is so pretty. Those shoes are perfect and I love your bracelet. My fave thing to buy while on vacation are bracelets!