Friday, July 15, 2016

sightseeing outfit 1 :: Solvang

Sightseeing outfit 1Sightseeing outfit 1 Sightseeing outfit 1 sightseeing outfit 1

We just returned from a very chill trip to Solvang.  The purpose of the trip was to attend the PCPA outdoor theater production of Shrek:  The Musical (which was excellent, by the way, although freezing outdoors at night).  Otherwise we were just enjoying the hotel pool and jacuzzi, eating delicious food, visiting the miniature pony farm, visiting Ostrich Land USA, and similar fun and low stress stuff.

Outfit details:
top w/ lacy overlay:  old, J. Crew
tailored shorts:  Loft (hard to tell here but they are very dark denim and sort of high waisted)
sandals:  Tevas
bag:  Good West Co.
sunglasses:  Oliver Peoples

The bag, shorts, sunglasses, and sandals are all new this year and I'm very happy with them.  As I mentioned before, I'm just starting a one year journey of not buying any new clothes, and at this point I'm feeling very well equipped for the year, although it will be interesting to see how my feelings evolve over the course twelve months  It just occurred to me that I jumped into this project without having found or purchased a trend I'm really interested in:  wide-legged pants.  Oops!  I wonder if I will still want them next year?  Or will I ask for them as a gift at Christmas?  We'll see.


  1. You looks so fab!! I'd love to hear more about your "no buying year." I agree that it's so easy to click through and buy something after seeing it on a blogger.

  2. I'm so happy to see you're blogging again. I love your style! I should do a no buying year too but that seems like such a long time. I have made myself a short list of items I would like to buy and am trying to stick to it instead of buying whatever catches my eye.

  3. What a comfy and sassy outfit - I especially adore your lace top:) Have a beautiful start to August:) xo