Monday, March 23, 2015

monday, monday

monday, monday monday, monday monday, monday monday, monday
This dress is old, but I don't think I've shared it on this blog before.  I thrifted this dress in 2011, and I still love it.  Crazy, right?  But I love it because it

  • has a true wrap
  • is school colors for my current school
  • has a flattering fit
  • is wash and wear--seriously, just throw it in the wash
  • comes down to my knee (a length that is surprisingly hard to find lately)
  • reminds me of the 70's
What is  your favorite dress fit and length? 

dress:  thrifted
shoes:  Steve Madden 


  1. A V-neck again :-)
    This is so flattering, wonderful dress. I discovered some 40+ fashion blogs lately, but it's mostly business clothes, so these lovelly dresses are a nice change to business suits...

    1. Hi Gabi. I agree--business suits are not too inspiring. I'm lucky I get to dress how I want for work.

  2. My favourite colour and love the pattern. Great find!

    1. Hi Zena. This is one of my top thrifting finds of all time, agreed! I feel so confident in this dress.

  3. cute dress. I don't wear dresses very much, I am short waisted and I can never find dresses that look great on me. Being short also doesn't help. :-(