Thursday, March 26, 2015

throwback navy skirt

midi skirt look midi skirt look midi skirt look midi skirt look midi skirt look a mide skirt look

Here is a throwback look to a skirt I've had since 2012. I love this skirt but sadly it shrank in the wash recently and now the over layer is shorter than the lining.  I'm not digging it.  It looks like this skirt will be retired soon.  I'm pretty bereft about it.

I'm pretty sure I've worn this skirt on the blog before, and also here.  By the way, this little leather jacket is proving so fun to layer over skirts and dresses.  Im liking it much more than a jeans jacket!

skirt:  J. Crew (old)
top:  J. Crew (last year)
sandals:  Clarks (old)
jacket:  LL Bean Signature


  1. Cute! Have you thought about just shortening the lining? Or adding a bit of trim to the outer layer? I think you could save it!

    1. Yes, I thought about shortening the lining, but I'm afraid the skirt would be too short. Such a bummer.

  2. I like the jacket,bummer on the skirt and I still like your Clarks wedges.