Saturday, June 8, 2013

a top for a friday

a top for friday a top for friday a top for friday a top for friday

a top for friday a top for friday

Happy weekend! You guys, it is almost summer break! In my district we have one more week to go. This is such an exciting time of year. I love the anticipation of summer break and reflecting on the school year.  I want to make this the best summer ever.

This was my work outfit on Friday. This is another thrifted top from a year or two ago. This one is really nice quality and the label says it is 100% silk. I adore this type of striped garment--with the stripes sewn at interesting angles. This is exactly my taste. I love the color too. As with some of my other outfits this week, I'm wearing it one last time before the school year is up.   When we return in fall it will be way to hot for this outfit for awhile.

Outfit details:
top:  thrifted Nine West (they usually do shoes, right?)
pants:  J. Brand, via Anthro
platforms:  LL Bean Signature
necklace:  Forever Silver

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  1. Cute top! Also your jeans with the pockets in the front are sooooooo cool!!!