Friday, June 28, 2013

summer now, for real

summer for real summer for real summer for real summer for real summer for real

It's starting to feel like summer now for real. It's heating up and I haven't dreamed about school in awhile (a good thing--I'm starting to relax).  Today I went out to lunch and shopping with my mom and my older kids.  Fun! 

Outfit details:
dress and belt:  Garnet Hill
wedges:  Clarkk's
bracelet:  Young Frankk, via Etsy
necklace:  Anthro


  1. I love the necklace! So cute! And the shoes! Are they from this year or older?

  2. I love that dress. The necklace is cute too. Love the Clarks (I must like Clarks a lot, LOL).

    Happy Summer!

  3. Cassandra--the sandals are from a year ago, I think. Definitely not this year, but I'm pretty sure they still have them or something very similar.

    Molly--me too! I love Clark's. :)