Tuesday, April 7, 2015

so cal rainy day

so cal rain!so cal rain! so cal rain! so cal rain! so cal rain!

We had a So Cal "rainy day" today, and by that I mean it rained for an hour and then stopped. Oh, but what a glorious hour it was!

This outfit is a perfect demonstration of a "high-low" mix, which I love.  The trench coat and striped top are from Forever 21 and they are just perfect for me.  The wooly sweater is from Peruvian Connection (I think it is actually alpaca, so soft and light and non-itchy).  It was definitely on the expensive side but I wear it constantly and I love it.  It's my go-to at every opportunity in winter.  The more I try to figure out shopping the more I realize the value in just going with what works for you.  These pieces are all very "me" and I'm super comfortable in them.  What is your current favorite go-to piece?

trench:  Forever 21
striped top:  Forever 21
alpaca pullover:  Peruvian Connection
grey corduroy pants:  Kut from the Kloth (via Nordstrom)
boots:  Clarks


  1. Alright, just send this whole outfit over to Germany, it looks just great, perfect for spring here. Comfy and cosy. I need this trench!
    My go-to piece at the moment is a pair of dark blue jeans, comfy but you can dress them up, with a blazer, I love them.
    Btw, there was something in the news about a current drought in California, dried-out water reservoir and the like, is it really that bad? You mentioned it on the other blog as well... does it have impact on daily life? (Living here in rainy Germany, this is an intersting topic, really. And scray, somehow. Sorry for being nosy!

  2. Glad to see your style blog back, I wondered where it went and changed computers so lost it out of my favorites. Love the trench, the sweater and the booties. Cute outfit.