Friday, April 10, 2015

happy friday

happy friday happy friday happy friday happy friday happy friday

I was feeling very "Pinterest inspired" in this outfit today. Inspired by my various pins, I'd been looking for a jacket like this for awhile.  I found it at Loft in the final hours of my trip to Kansas last week.  Ripped the tags off and wore it on the plane home.  Yay!

Outfit details:
jacket:  Loft
top:  Emmerson Fry
necklace:  Madewell
pants:  Jen 7 jeans via Nordstrom
shoes:  Clarks (old)


  1. So glad to see you are posting again! I have that same Madewell necklace and love it. :) Joyce

    1. Thank you, Joyce! I love to get comments-- Thanks for popping back over! Re. the necklace, I had actually purchased this for Faith (my daughter) but she felt it was too big and "statement" for her. So I gave her one of my necklaces that she likes (and is much tinier) and I got this one back from her. Win win.