Thursday, April 9, 2015


wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap

I got so excited when I found this wrap dress on the Banana Republic website that I bought it in two colors.  It was Black Friday weekend and we were looking for a skirt for Faith online.  I ended up buying this dress for myself, and even though it is a true wrap, which I love, it did not live up to my expectations (see this dress and this one --both wrap dresses that I love).  The Banana Republic dress is about two inches shorter than I'd like and the wrap is definitely not as generous as I'd like (although I do love the sleeves and the neckline).  So I'm basically pretty "meh" about it.  Dresses are super hard to find, so the search goes on!

Outfit details:
dress:  Banana Republic
leather jacket:  LL Bean Signature
boots:  very very old from J. Crew
watch:  Michael Kors


  1. Beautiful combo, I love especially the jacket and the boots! The dress also looks good on you, you can never go wrong with black dresses. But I must agree, flattering dresses are hard to find! And your hair looks great :-)

    1. Hi Gabi. Thank you! Yes. it is so hard to find dresses that are long enough. These days they mostly fall a few inches above the knee and I don't like it. I do keep searching, though. (I too am really liking the jacket!)