Monday, April 13, 2015

stripes and pants

work pants! work pants! work pants! work pants!

Just a quick post tonight to show you my new work pants!  I had become distressed at the number of times per week I was wearing jeans to work, and I wanted to dress things up a bit.  So I picked these up at the Gap on my trip.  However, now that I look at these photos the pants look suspiciously like these old Talbot's pants!  (I don't have them any more.  I was hoping these were a little slimmer in the cut, but I see now that they are not really.  Oh well!  It's nice to mix things up a bit.)

Outfit details:
pants:  Gap "perfect trousers"
striped top:  Forever 21
leather jacket:  LL Bean Signature
shoes:  Clarks

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