Wednesday, May 22, 2013

a simple work look

the morning look (with jacket) with jacket for work necklace from ken high sandals for work

How is your week going? Mine has been so hectic at work! Thankfully, we have a short week, so tomorrow is my Friday. SO glad about that. Whoop whoop!

My main objective in today's outfit was to wear these Gap pants I bought a few months ago but have not worn as much as I thought I would. I got my black skinny black jeans shortly after and all my enthusiasm has gone toward the jeans, leaving these poor pants kind of unloved. These are cotton pants, sort of a dressier work pant. I paired them with a simple tee from Old Navy and some high wedge sandals.  The cargo jacket was for the morning hours only.

 I have a confession to make about these sandals--the wedge is almost too high for me!  I ordered them online and thought they'd be like my other wedges, but the angle of the foot is much more sharp in these.  So, I did my trick of not driving in them and I slipped into my flats for my commute (and frankly, at lunch) and I'm pretty good walking around the office in these for the main parts of the day.  I'm disappointed these won't be more useful for me though (my other wedges are much more comfy).

Outfit details:
pants, sandals, and cargo jacket:  all from Gap
striped top:  Old Navy
pendant:  gift from Ken (Forever Silver shop in Las Vegas--years ago)
bracelet:  Faith's--a souvenir from our trip to Maine.  I was pretty much obsessed with it so she gave it to me.


  1. Very cute! I love stripes. And I like the look of the wedges, the color is great. But I know comfort is just as important. I wish I could see the bracelet better, but maybe you have another photo of it wearing a different outfit as you did say you were obsessed. : )

    1. Hi Rain. Yes I do! On my "black and camo" post:

      An inexpensive beaded bracelet, but I love it.

    2. Thanks. ; )
      I love the moccasins too.

  2. it's official - I need wedges!

    1. I highly encourage you, Denise! Just not these high Gap wedges, LOL!

  3. I like your wedges. You have some cute ones. Like the black top and necklace with the pants and the jacket is nice too.