Wednesday, May 8, 2013

bright pants!

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What do you guys think of the bright pants trend? I love it, but I'm still figuring out how to style them.  I'm finding the best thing for me is to keep the rest of the outfit pretty neutral but with a pop.  I'm liking how this longer sweater skims over any problem areas of the chinos (low waist, lumpy pockets) and lets the color and the cut of the legs do the talking.  The leopard print heels provide the pop.

Thank you so much for all your comments!  Check back (if you want to) because I'm replying in the comments.  I love to talk about putting outfits together, you guys, so feel free to comment and ask questions/ponder stuff.

And it is Wednesday, so I'm linking up for the first time with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy!  Thanks to Molly for the suggestion. 

Outfit details:
bright chinos:  Lands' End Canvas
sweater:  Gap
heels:  Target
bracelet:  J. Crew
pendant:  Forever Silver shop in Las Vegas (gift from Ken)


  1. Loooove the leopard with the bright pants! Perfect!

  2. Love this outfit! I have yet to find a pair of red pants that fit me well. These look great on you!

    Also, so your readers don't have to check back, you can reply to them via email (for more info, see

  3. This looks really great! The shoes looks so good with these trousers, I would have never thought about a combination like this.
    I have been thinking a lot about bright pants lately, maybe some lilac or turqoise, will have to try some this weekend. Yes, probably some turqoise/bright blue, together with white tops like a tunic for summer...Hmmm...
    Your blog is such an inspiration :-)

  4. I like the pants. I am trying out this trend too and I think you are right on the light colored tops. I like your shoes too! I have flats like that and I need to remember to wear them. I need to get out of flip flop mode (which I find myself in a lot).


  5. Thank you, Kateprs--I'm looking into this. I'm wondering if it is better to reply by e-mail? Or is it better to reply on the blog so everyone can see?

    Gabi B--thank you! The shoes were just a lucky afterthought. I liked the way it turned out too! I like the idea of turquoise pants for you. Nice! So glad you are finding inspiration on the blog.

    Molly--yes, the neutral top is my favorite way of pairing the bright pants (although it would be great if I could pull off a bright with a bright). Like the idea of your leopard flats, although flip flops are awesome too. :)

  6. We are totally rocking the same colored pants this week! Loving it. Come and link up on Friday's for Passion for Fashion. <3

    1. Beth--I really want to find you and your link-up. Will google you!