Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pale tuesday

tuesday tuesday tuesday tuesday tuesday

I dressed for hot weather, but it was actually very temperate today, with a light breeze. I picked up this top and necklace at Anthropologie over the weekend, and I think both are going to be favorites.  The necklace to add a bit of color to any neutral top; the blouse I plan on pairing with shorts, ripped denim (don't have any yet, but I want to joint the trend) or layered with a denim vest. 

Outfit details: 
blouse and necklace:  Anthropologie
pants:  Gap
wedges:  Clarks
bracelet:  Etsy (Young Frankk)


  1. I like the top and the jeans. Are you going to create your own ripped shorts? If so can you post how you do it? My girls have jeans I want to cut off for them for ripped shorts and I semi- made them last year but they did not turn out like I thought they would.

    1. Molly--I wish I knew how to make a good distressed denim, but I'm probably going to buy some. I have some credits at the Gap, so I'm going to look into their ripped boyfriend jeans (I get credits b/c I have a Gap credit card). I think it would be hard to get a good, ripped look.

  2. i love the top...
    i'm impressed too on how quickly you get your posts up after each photo shoot!!

    1. Hi Denise. I'm glad you like the top! It's super voluminous, but I want to be comfortable wearing different shapes and trends sometimes, so this is part of that. Thanks for commenting!