Wednesday, May 1, 2013

skinny pants?

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Here is what I wore to work today. The sweater only lasted a short time before I had to take it off. It got unexpectedly warm early in the day. Still trying to figure out if the skinny pant look works for me (or for this age group)? I think clearly a boot cut or flare style of pant is MUCH more flattering, but still. Skinny pants are what is in style right now and when I go too boot cut panted too often I really feel like I'm slipping into middle aged lady territory.


Outfit details: black skinny jeans: Levis flowy top: Converse (Target) printed sweater: UO wedges: Clarks


  1. I'm not over 40 (29) but I love all your outfits and think they are very hip and tasteful! I am dying for that black and white sweater! What is UO, and do they still have it? Thanks!

  2. You look fabulous in your skinny pants! I'm 44 and finally broke down last year and bought a pair of skinny jeans. I hate how they feel (hideously uncomfortable), but they do make me feel a bit less frumpy. I just wish they could stay skinny all day and not wiggle their way down down down throughout the day. :-(

    I'm so glad you've started this new blog--an interest of mine, too. (How about this challenge--I work at home, with toddlers and preschoolers, so I have to be comfy and wear durable clothes for play, but I also want to project a professional--not babysitter--vibe, look hip, and dress in an appropriate style for 40-something without looking frumpy. Shew!)

  3. Your outfits are great. I think the skinny jean looks great on you. I prefer the look and sillouette of the skinny. Especially with your wedges.

  4. Michelle--thank you so much for the sweet words! UO is Urban Outfitters. I bought the sweater in January. Not seeing it on their site now--I think it is gone. :( Here is the link to their sweaters:

    Lise--thank you! I was like you--when I finally bought skinny jeans it was a real transition. Such a different fit and feel! I think the real issue, for me, is finding tops with a full silhouette that compliment the skinniness of the pant. Yes, mine seem to creep down throughout the day too, and I pull them up. I like the Levis though because they do make different fits to accommodate those of us that go "in" more at the waist and need extra "cinch" there.

    Erin--thank you so much! I really am wanting to explore the skinny silhouette because it is so modern and current--one reason I was moved to start a style blog. I think it's going to help me explore these questions. :) Thanks for looking!

  5. I think skinny jeans look great on you. I have a pair that I wear with tunic tops so that I can get that nice slimming of the leg without my butt being so 'prominent'.
    Do you have exercise regularly to keep your nice figure?

  6. Hi Rain. Thanks for your question and for the nice compliment. Exercise is one of the topics I feel really guilty about. No, I don't exercise, but I constantly tell myself I'm about to start. I really am concerned about my health if I don't start exercising. It's a very difficult area for me because of my work schedule. By the time I get home I'm pretty wiped out and on weekends I still don't seem to "get around to it." I watch my figure by doing Weight Watchers (always seem to be losing the same 10 pounds or have just lost it). Mostly I've been really lucky with my metabolism, knock on wood.

  7. I seem to have the same 10 #'s. ; )
    I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I do like to walk but it is hard to find the window of time needed for it. I keep hoping to find the right program that will just click with me but I haven't found it yet.

  8. I really like skinny cut jeans. I am short and I hate boot cut, they never are short enough for me and they drag. Personally I like the skinny look (and I am a size 12) and like that I can tuck the pants into boots, I can roll them up for sandals, etc. I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in. I like the black skinny pants you have on and they flatter your style. Don't be afraid to branch out either. Have you tried posting your styles on What I Wore Wednesday, on the Pleated Poppy blog?


  9. Rain--me too! I'm hoping something will click for me pretty soon. Time is the biggest factor.

    Molly--so true about the length thing. So much easier to work out with a skinny pant. I do like that. And thanks for the tip about WIWW! Such a good idea. I'll try that as a way to connect with others with similar interests.