Monday, May 6, 2013

rainy monday

rainy monday 6 rainy monday 4 rainy monday rainy monday 3

rainy monday 2

Happy Monday, everyone. Just a quick post. It was a rainy Monday (sort of--at least it started out that way. It rained a lot more at home than where I work), so I opted for a cozy/casual look. I used to dress up much more for work, but honestly, everyone in the office is in jeans these days, so I have found myself joining in.  Not sure how I feel about it yet. What do you wear to work?

Outfit details:
straight leg jeans:  AG "Stevie" fit (via Anthro)
heart sweater:  Old Navy
pinstriped shirt:  J. Crew
booties:  Clarks
belt:  Target
necklace:  consignment shop
bracelet:  Etsy


  1. Luckily, I never had to wear business-outfits at work. It's mostly jeans, shirt, sweater or a blazer, very casual. Lately, I felt like dressing up a bit more and now I'm trying to use more accesoires like pretty scarves, belts or jewelry... But it feels strange to dress up if everybody is so casual.
    Anyway, your jeans look very comfortable!

  2. my work is casual too. sometimes I wish I could dress up everyday In Seattle it seems anything goes. I was so proud of myself though for wearing a dress to my daughters soccer game last Sunday. I even got a compliment - from a grandma :)

  3. Hi Gabi and Denise! Alas, the casual workplace. I have mixed feelings about it. Luckily, I also feel totally comfortable dressing up when I want to (usually a dress in warmer weather). I used to rely much more on "work" type pants (basically a polyester dressy type pant--a few years back) but now those days are over (gladly) and I'm wondering what a dressy pant is in the modern day. Still pondering that one!

    Thanks for playing along!

  4. Mama I didn't know you had the heart sweater!! That is my favorite one, you know

  5. I love the heart sweater. I almost bought it, but ended up with the grey sweater from ON that had white sheep on it. I like those lightweight sweaters. I wore some of them from ON this past winter. I like the Clark booties too.