Tuesday, May 7, 2013

bright chevrons!

bright chevrons 2 bright chevrons bright chevrons 4 bright chevrons 6 bright chevrons 3

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Tuesday is a good day for me because it means we have gotten through Monday and we get to order pizza for dinner. I'm having a half a glass of wine right now too, so that is also good.

Today's outfit is more or less a repeat of yesterday's--a graphic lightweight sweater and pants. I love these corduroy pants, but half the time I'm not sure how to style them.  I like the way they work with this longer top, though.  And the bright heels really complete the outfit. Over the last two years, as I've been improving my wardrobe, I've become MUCH more of a shoe person than ever before. I never realized before how much shoes add to an outifit!

Are you a shoe person, or do you basically rely on the same 2-3 pairs (as I used to do)?

Outfit details:
chevron top:  Gap
grey corduroy pants:  J. Crew
red heels:  Clarks
chevron necklace:  Lisa Leonard Designs
bracelet:  Etsy

PS--thanks for looking!  I've enjoyed your comments and support so much!  You guys are making this really fun. 


  1. This is really cute and the red shoes make the grey pants POP!
    Can you share which etsy shop you got the bracelet
    I have really grown to love shoes. And have close to 10 pairs now but lately I have been living in my black saltwater sandals (with one silver strap) I just love them!

  2. I love the top and I too love courdoroys. I bought some from Old Navy this year and wore them. I like the red shoes with the outfit.

  3. yes, and maybe even just one pair of shoes! (sad)
    I love those pants - the color is great.
    and, i love that you order pizzas on tuesdays - is that a weekly thing?

  4. Rain--your saltwaters sound cute! And comfy too. I'm so looking forward to the sandal time of year . . .

    Thanks, Molly. Corduroys are so comforting and somewhat retro.

    Denise--yes, we get pizza every Tuesday and the boys take turns picking a movie. Last night it was Harry Potter 1. It's surprising how attached they are to the rhythm this tradition creates. Recently, we needed to movie pizza night to a Monday, and they were so against it! (I like the weekly routine too).

  5. Rain--the bracelet is from here the Etsy seller Young Frankk.