Saturday, May 4, 2013

storytelling weekend

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Can I just say once again that I love the weekend? One of the huge (many) benefits of working is getting to enjoy a true weekend feeling. I may require big pats on the back (mostly I give these to myself*) for being a working mom and going to a stressful job every day. But it doesn't mean that I don't want to work. It's complex, ya know? But I'm grateful I get to work.

Anyway, here is what I am wearing today. We're spending most of the weekend going back and forth to our local storytelling festival, and the weather is perfect today. Warm enough for shorts and a tee, but not too hot.

I have a lot of thoughts/questions about wearing shorts at my age. My main thought is that I don't want to give them up because it gets hot here in the warmer months. But I have an eye toward going for some longer, knee-length shorts pretty soon.  I may not be fully appropriate in these shorter shorts, but I also like being myself and not sticking to closely to the rules.

Outfit details:
tee:  J. Crew
shorts:  L.L. Bean Signature
belt: Gap (years ago)
sandals:  Gap
necklace:  a cherished gift from my dear friend Carrie.  It's vintage.

*Next weekend Carrie and I are meeting for a friend-weekend in Covina, and we'll be doing this
PS--also, if you live in/near Covina, please leave comments with your suggestions.  Would love to hear about any "local" spots.


  1. Hello there and congrats for the new blog. My opinion: why give up on shorter shorts and camo jeans? You look real good in them and they look appropriate on you!

  2. Hi Val. Thanks so much for your comment! I really do appreciate the feedback. (Regarding the shorts--I know my legs are not as firm as they once were, but on the other hand I love being cool and free on a hot day).

    I'm formulating my philosophy right now on what looks good past age 40, which is one of the reasons I am doing the blog. I think being true to oneself is one of my core values. Anyway, I do appreciate the feedback. Sorry if I have rambled on in my reply!

    1. Not at all, thanks for the rambling! :) Many bloggers don't bother to answer the comments, which is a shame I think. I'll keep checking in, as your blog is really interesting and I like your outfits!

    2. Hi Val. I'm wanting to answer the comments this time around, on the new blog. On my other blog I admit to not being good about that. I h
      Just realized that Blogger now has threaded comments. Thanks for showing me!

  3. Thank you so much, Michelle!

  4. I think you look great in your shorts!
    I am 42 and I have been thinking about my style lately.I am looking forward to reading your new blog.

  5. Those short do look great! They really suit you, looks like a real Californian Style (or at least what I think people in warmer weather do wear all the time :-) )

  6. I think you look great in your shorts. I am getting close to 50 and last summer I finally broke down and bought bermuda shorts and wore petal pushers and capris for the first time. I don't really have any short shorts anymore, but I feel if you have good legs and can wear them, why not? I too live in a very hot climate for summer and want to stay cool.


  7. Laura--thank you! I'm feeling so encouraged by all of you about wearing shorts this summer. It actually inspires me to stay in shape more and maintain what I have.

    Gabi B--yes! I do feel pretty Californian in this outfit. It was fun to wear.

    Molly--yeah, I am all about staying decently cool in the summer. I don't really believe in covering the upper arms either on a really hot day.

  8. Hi again Mama, this blog is so cute! love the bright pink on your top. Also your legs look very good in person and everything and no one around town cares since it gets so hot, so stick to it!

    1. Hi honey. I'm glad you think my legs look alright in person! They do not look good in dressing rooms with fluorescent lighting, that is for sure.