Wednesday, May 15, 2013


basic basic basic

I went with a super basic outfit today--I've worn this combination countless times. A year ago (or was it two?), Talbots seemed to be making their line a bit younger and hipper and I bought this top and bracelet. The whole combo looks more dressed down in photos than I had imagined myself to be, but I guess that's the casual workplace for you (and I continue to learn so much from the doing the blog).  Happy Wednesday.  The weekend looks so near!

Outfit details:
top:  Talbot's
yellow/green bracelet:  Talbot's
gold bracelet:  J. Crew
belt:  J. Crew (years ago)
heeled sandals:  Clarks
necklace:  Anthro
jeans:  J. Brand (via Anthro)

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