Sunday, May 5, 2013

sunday cold day

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Thanks so much to everyone who has clicked through from my old blog and to those of you who have left comments. I feel so welcomed and supported! You guys are all sweet. I know not everyone is interested in clothes and style, so I wanted to put my outfit posts on a new blog, and it has been so fun so far.

Saturday was so warm and lovely, but the weather turned cold on Sunday.  You never know what you are going to get around here!  I decided to pull together a cozy outfit for the storytelling festival and forgo ideas I'd had about wearing a cute dress.

I picked up this military jacket on sale at the Gap last fall, and it has turned out to be such a fun piece to mix!  It's every bit as versatile as a jean jacket, but a bit more fresh right now.   Now, since I bought this one, I've seen tons of similar jackets in every store, including newer styles at the Gap.  A good time to buy if you are looking for one.

Outfit details:
black top, patterned khakis, and military jacket:  all Gap
silver pendant:  gift from Ken (years ago) from the Forever Silver shop in Las Vegas
booties:  Target
bracelets:  various


  1. Very Cute! I love the way the whole ensemble works so well together.

  2. Thanks for starting this MaryBeth. I am in the almost 50 crowd and I have always liked your style so I look forward to what you come up with. :-)


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog!!
    I am almost 43 so this is just perfect.
    thank you actually for doing this. It gives me inspiration

  4. Rain--thanks! I'm finally getting to the point where I have a wardrobe that all works together with no big gaps.

    Molly--yes, I'm getting up there too (will be 48 this summer. Eeps!) I'm glad you're enjoying the new blog!

    Denise--so happy you are getting inspired! I've wanted to do a style blog for so long, but just couldn't figure out the logistics (of getting decent photos). I finally decided to just go for it and see what happens. Thanks so much for your kind comment!